Saturday, August 27, 2022

Next Meeting: Saturday, September 10, 2022

 10 am at Saint Matthew Lutheran Church, Waco, Texas

Pencil Lettering
with Jeanne Dittmann

Pencil lettering can be quite simple, using the most basic of tools. And it can be as complex as you want it to be, using those same basic tools as well as many others.

For the morning program, we will revisit and expand on what we started in February, but don’t worry if you weren’t there or don’t remember what we did. It will be a new beginning with our friend the pencil (and its companion, the eraser).  

And the afternoon workshop will take us even further with that simple tool, exploring letterforms as well as getting more comfortable with our pencil friends.

These are the rules for everyone, whether you’re coming just for the morning or for all day:

Rule #1: Do NOT spend any money preparing for the day. Bring a pencil and eraser — any pencil* and eraser you already have.
Rule #2: Bring some blank paper — any paper you already have, and the less fancy, the better. Don’t bring a super smooth paper that’s good for pointed pen lettering — paper with a little tooth is good. If you have a portable sharpener, bring that too, but don’t go out and buy one.
Rule #3: Bring a printout or a photo on your phone of a 5-7 letter word that you like the look of (any lettering style). Especially for afternoon workshop participants, you will be writing that word repeatedly, so make sure it’s something meaningful to you and preferably doesn’t have the same letter repeated multiple times (banana is not allowed

*I already know you’re going to have questions about this. Any #2 pencil, HB pencil, or other soft pencil will be best. Any pencil with a number and H (such as 5H,) will be too hard for our day’s play. Do NOT bring a mechanical pencil unless that’s absolutely the only pencil you have, but if you have a lead holder and like using it, please bring that. If you are addicted to color and cannot abide spending the day with graphite only, you may bring a colored pencil in addition to your graphite pencil (I know who you are!). But I’m serious about not spending money. Bring what you have, and I’ll have some tools for you to play with, as well.


Online Registration Form for Jeanne’s Pencil Lettering          
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