Tuesday, March 26, 2024

Next meeting: Saturday, April 13, 2024

 At Saint Matthew Lutheran Church
800 N. New Road, Waco, Texas
10 am


Wonder what’s under all those pretty wraps? After 3 months of sending mail, delivering packages, and guessing, the time has come to find out who’s behind all those secrets. The April program is devoted to revealing who’s been sending secrets to whom.

To the 16 people who are participating in this oh-so-fun exchange, please be sure to bring everything you have received, including the wrapping to show off and explain (empty candy wrappers OK!). Also, be sure to create a “Thank you” card to give to the person who sent goodies to you. You will have about three minutes to present the items you received. If you are unable to attend on the 13th, please arrange for another member to bring your items to present to the group, and be sure to include a thank you card for your pal. For those who did not participate, enjoy the eye candy and wealth of ideas. Everyone, enjoy the show!

Thursday, February 29, 2024

Next meeting: Saturday, March 9, 2024

10 am: meet at Saint Matthew Lutheran Church, Waco, Texas

Tour of Stanton Glass Works 

Our March program will be our annual field trip, this year to Stanton Glass Studios to learn about stained glass windows, domes, lights, and ornaments created out of not only glass, but also wood and metal. Stanton Studios is a family owned and operated studio serving Texas since 1979. They work with architects and interior designers, homeowners, churches, and businesses to create custom, hand-crafted architectural art pieces in the mediums of glass, metal, and wood. Owner Bryant Stanton will lead our tour through the several buildings on the property that is near Gholson and Ross Road.  Check out the website: https://stantonstudiostx.com/

The plan:
10 am:   We will meet in the church fellowship hall and have a very short meeting that includes only the election of officers and the secret pal exchange. No Word of the Month, no door prize, no officer reports, no old/new business.
10:15:    We will leave the church and carpool to Stanton Glass Works, which is on the far north side of Waco near Gholson (25-minute trip). If you arrive at the church later, please use your Google maps for directions.

Friday, February 2, 2024

Next meeting: Saturday, February 10, 2024

 Meeting will be at St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Waco, Texas, at 10 am

Drawing Celtic Knotwork designs

For the February program, long-time member K. Paul Holt will start with the basics to teach a Celtic knotwork technique that he has used in several pieces of his artwork. 

For supplies, please bring some tracing or thin paper, pencils AND ERASERS.  

Saturday, December 30, 2023

Next meeting: Saturday, January 13, 2024


Program presenter, Kimberly Ylitalo from Tulsa via Zoom


10 am at Saint Matthew Lutheran Church, Waco, Texas
Note: We still gather in person at the church, but our teacher will be in Tulsa on Zoom. We will watch and hear her presentation on a big screen TV. Members may also attend from their homes on Zoom! Link will be sent out prior to the meeting.

For the morning ZOOM program (free) we will focus on drawing a basic majuscule monoline alphabet, designed by Kimberly, but inspired by a fellow calligrapher’s hand lettered envelope. Using your favorite monoline drawing tool (pencil or B nibs-with sumi /ink/gouache, Pigma Graphic 1, or ZIG writer bullet point 1.2 mm), you’ll learn the letter forms of this basic alphabet. In the afternoon workshop ($30 fee) we will add numbers, practice the letterforms, then we’ll look at a fun way to decorate some of these letters using a fine line Micron pen and gold Uniball, perfect for adding a little pizzazz on your next envelope. Our projects will be lettering cards and addressing envelopes.

Supplies for morning program:

·         Graph paper (4 or 5 squares to the inch) that will take your ink/marker without feathering

·         Pencil, eraser, ruler

·         Monoline pen (Speedball B-3 or B-4 nib with ink, Zig Writer bullet tip 1.2 mm


Note: We encourage you to bring your Speedball B nibs and ink if you have them. Kimberly will be using and explaining them in her demo. MC Art Supplies on Washington Ave. has a selection of the B nibs in stock under their south window.

For the afternoon ZOOM workshop we will review, refine, and decorate the letters then address envelopes with several layout ideas.  Member cost is $30; non-member is $40.

Online Registration Form for Kimberly’s Monoline Workshop 
Please register by:
Mon., January 8th
:  Use this link for the Google form. No paper copy needed! 

Pay via PayPal at this link.  https://paypal.me/WacoCalligraphy?locale.x=en_US   Select SEND, log into your account, enter the amount and add “Monoline Workshop,” then complete the transaction.

A little about our presenter, Kimberly Ylitalo: 

A lover of card making since she was very young, paper arts just seemed a natural expression of Kimberly’s creativity. As she grew older, there was no stopping her interest in all kinds of mediums to include drawing, photography, quilting, crochet, theatre, choir, stenciling, embossing, font making, calligraphy, and painting. After running a graphic design business from home for 25 years, Kimberly has come full circle and spends much of her retirement in Tulsa making cards, with a renewed interest in calligraphy. Grateful for Zoom and the opportunity to be a participant and presenter, Kimberly’s favorite thing to do is to pass along some of the fun things she has learned from so many other gifted artists.