Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Next meeting: Saturday, September 11, 2021

In person (masked) & via Zoom 10:00 a.m.
St. Matthew Lutheran Church, 800 N. New Road, Waco, TX

Art Journaling with Kim

How can you make Art Journaling an EVERYday activity?  Using a reference, we will explore different techniques to capture the object or emotion in your journals. This will be a fun lesson that will get those artistic wheels turning! Zoom link will be emailed to members a day or so before.

MORNING (free) PROGRAM Supplies to bring with you:
Journal or watercolor paper
Watercolor paints, brushes, water container, etc.
Black Micron fine liners, Pencil

After Kim Lamberth’s morning program on art journaling, she will teach an afternoon workshop on EVERYday Storytelling. In this fun, lively workshop, we will use storytelling, calligraphic, and art skills to bring our EVERYday art journals to life.  By using techniques from different artistic mediums: writing, painting, photography, as examples, you will learn simple ways to add life and interest to your art journaling practice. 

This workshop is appropriate for beginning or experienced art journalers and will start by creating an EVERYday watercolor journal ($5 supply fee due that day), designing your opening page, and using different styles and structure within your pages to make your EVERYday practice easy and fun! No Zoom will be available for this session.

The focus will be on using what you have, building on what you know, and learning new techniques that will help you create something that is uniquely you. You are the storyteller, and your EVERYday journal will tell your story. 

Non-member price is $35 for the workshop. See September newsletter for a detailed supply list. 

Registration Form for September Art Journaling   Please try to register by: Sunday, Sept. 5!!!

TO REGISTER:  Use this link. No paper copy needed! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1seOnVjQ3dPLLY2SyM2WAhj859Most2ag4ssSiuzg0qE/edit 

Pay via PayPal at this link.  https://paypal.me/WacoCalligraphy?locale.x=en_US   Select SEND, log into your account, enter the amount ($20 or $35) and add “art journaling workshop”, then complete the transaction. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Next meeting: Saturday, August 14, 2021

 In Person
at St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Waco, Texas

10 am and Zoom

Brush Lettering Basics

For the August morning program, Karon will introduce us to the world of “brush lettering.” Those 2 words can mean many different things to different people, so Karon will narrow it down for us with an introduction to the various types of brushes that can be used for lettering (there are many!).  Then we will learn how to hold the brush to get the desired thick/thin lines so distinctive of calligraphy. After feeling comfortable with that, Karon will teach us some basic letters to start our journey. Zoom link will be emailed to members the day before the meeting.

For the afternoon workshop we will deep dive into the details of each lower-case letter. The workshop will last from 1 to 4 pm and will cost $20 for members and $35 for non-members. Registration link is below; Zoom will also be available.

Supplies: For the morning program you will need the Tombow Fudenosuke black pen; they are sold as a pairone softer tip and one harder tip.  (available in stock/online at Walmart and MC Arts.), a pencil/eraser, ruler. Paper will be furnished.

For the afternoon workshop, if you have a pad of Canson XL marker paper bring it (optional, but available in stock at MC Arts). Karon will have a supply of the paper for sharing.  Also bring a glue stick, ruler, and scissors. If you want to add some color to your lettering, consider a set of the Tombow Fudenosuke Colors in stock from MC Arts. Also good are the small tip brush pens from Pentel Brush Tip Sign pens. (Not recommended are the larger Tombow Dual-Brush pens.) Other brands of small brush pens that you already have will also work well.

 Karon will provide: Cardstock for a project that will hang, string/yarn and beads, hole punch, and two-word phrases for the project.

Registration Form for Brush Lettering

TO REGISTER:  Use this link to register. No paper copy needed! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1jN5DdWBjB34E_FFPTog7nx1OuNVQMnX43DkKafkFg9Q/edit.

Pay via PayPal at this link.  https://paypal.me/WacoCalligraphy?locale.x=en_US   Select SEND, log into your account, enter the amount ($20 or $35) and add “brush lettering workshop”, then complete the transaction. 

Monday, June 28, 2021

Next gathering: Saturday, July 10, 2021

meet at 10:00 a.m.
in the St. Matthew Lutheran Church parking lot
for a …

Field trip!

WCG July Gallery Walk in Clifton, TX

Saturday, July 10, 2021 Itinerary
We will carpool/caravan to Clifton as a field trip and group to visit and enjoy their gallery scene with lunch at the Corner Drug Café. 


List of Galleries and Locations
First Stop:  Market at the Mill (https://www.marketatthemillclifton.com/shop-gallery) 317 W. 3rd Street

Second Stop: L.A. Thompson Gallery-Fine Arts (https://www.facebook.com/lathompsonart) 114 N Avenue D

LUNCH:  1:00/1:30 ish Corner Drug Café (http://cornerdrugcafe.com/); Lunch Menu  http://cornerdrugcafe.com/menu-3/)

Third Stop: Bronze Sculptor Jack Walker (https://bronzesmith.com/jack-walker-2/)  and Watercolorist Betty Graham, Bosque County Emporium, 121 N Avenue D

Fourth Stop: 219 Artisan Market
) 313 W 5th St

Fifth Stop:  (Tentative) Curtis Callaway Photographer, Explorer, Environmental Journalist (https://www.curtiswcallaway.com/about)  123 Art Alley

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Next meeting: Saturday, June 12, 2021


Back home, at St. Matthew Lutheran Church!

800 North New Road, Waco, Texas  10 am 

After 14 months away, the Waco Calligraphy Guild will be in our regular meeting place for the June meeting, thanks to the church board. Hallelujah! Social distancing will be observed with table placement; please bring and wear a mask. In addition to meeting in person, we will also plan a Zoom link for those who prefer to stay home or are out of town. The Zoom link will be emailed to all members the day before the meeting.

June program: Prayer flags

Prayer flags/banners have been around for thousands of years, but todays artists are putting their own spin on the ancient tradition. A growing number of people are using these small but meaningful flags as an outlet for expressing their hopes, and the design possibilities are endless. It essentially begins with an INTENTION that can be expressed in a meaningful word, phrase, or image. We will be creating two things:

As a group, we are creating a banner for St. Matthew Lutheran Church as a reuniting gift that can be hung in their foyer. Each person will write a WORD or MESSAGE OF GRATITUDE on one flag portion in the hand that they prefer. You can use markers, colored pencils, or watercolor.

Individually, you will use cardstock to begin creating the shape of your individual flag pieces. Lisa will have banner templates on hand for you to use. For your individual flag you are welcome to embellish your pieces as you wish and as time allows. Some prayer flags are made with fabric and can be placed outside on display in your garden! They bring added beauty to any environment.

If you have any questions prior to our gathering in June, please reach out and email Lisa at:  eyecre8@msn.com

Supplies Needed:
Card Stock/Scrapbooking Paper
Glue Stick and/or glue gun/gallery clips
Ruler or Straight Edge
Fabric Scraps torn into strips
One Hole Punch
Markers/Colored Pencils/Watercolors
Possible Optional Embellishments:  buttons, rubber stamps/ink, glitter pens, decorative ribbon, mini clothespins.