Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Next meeting: Saturday, November 10 at 10am

Botanical Line Drawings with Color Accents

Presented by Jesse Steinfort

Inspired by the book Modern Florals, by Alli Koch 

When Jesse discovered the drawings in the book Modern Florals, he was immediately excited by the texture they portray. He had seen many impressive works tagged by others with #ModernFlorals. After trying out some of the designs shown in Modern Florals, Jesse then wanted to augment these drawings with some color and used his favorite medium: watercolor. In this program, Jesse will present a book report of sorts and demonstrate a step-by-step method for producing two or more floral line drawings with color accents. His goal is to get you at least started creating an envelope suitable for mailing greetings to a friend or loved one. Jesse will provide a cotton envelope for your final product.

  1. One or two sheets of paper that can take some water (mixed media or watercolor paper, either hot or cold press)
  2. Waterproof black ink (Sakura Pigma Micron #05, or Noodler's Black in a fountain pen
  3. A few colored pencils for adding color highlights (optional)
  4. Some "warm" watercolor paints (e.g., yellow, orange, red, green, burnt sienna)
  5. A small watercolor brush OR a Pentel Aquash Water Brush (or similar)
  6. A water container and paper towels

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