Monday, May 30, 2022

June meeting details:

Saturday, June 11, 2022; 10 am
Saint Matthew Lutheran Church, Waco, Texas

Watercolor for Calligraphy

Sarah Pick, a member of the Central Texas Watercolor Society for 9 years, will be presenting for our June meeting.  She will be focusing on teaching the basics of water on paper.   She will show examples and demonstrate the following:

·         Damp Paper vs Wet Paper and High Pigment Brush vs Highly Wet Brush.   What causes a bloom and what causes spread and softness.

·         Flow and mix of colors on paper

·         Layering colors on paper to get a very vibrant effect vs mud

·         Various splattering effects on wet or dry paper

·         Scratching and timing on wet or dry paper

·         Softening edges with a tickle or a wet brush and the difference

·         Transparency

The idea is to help people understand how to load a brush and when and how to apply it on paper to get the effect they want.   Sarah will bring a watercolor card for each person to paint a final project.  

For supplies, please bring to the class:

·         watercolors -- at least three primary colors (blue/red/yellow) of your choice

·         scrap watercolor paper to play and learn the techniques -- ideally 140 lb or heavier and cold pressed

·         brushes -- a few of your favorites (at least 3) and maybe a square brush if you have one

·         2 portable water containers -- one for clear and one for dirty water

·         old toothbrush (optional)

·         permanent black ink pen that is NOT water soluble 

Here are a few of Sarah’s mini paintings that might be inspiration for our cards.

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