Sunday, February 27, 2022

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Saturday, March 12, 2022; 10:00 a.m.
Saint Matthew Lutheran Church, Waco, Texas
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Stamp Carving! 

In March Amy Taylor will teach our program and workshop on stamp carving!  In the free morning session, we will get familiar with the basic tools and supplies needed to create our own unique hand carved stamps.  During our time together we will carve some basic stamps that can be used for borders and accents.  Then we’ll up our game a little and create a patterning/repeating stamp.  We will also talk about ways to incorporate our handmade stamps into our calligraphic works.

Morning Supplies needed:  Pencil, marker, craft knife, ink pad, Speedball carving tool with nibs (the guild has one in our library that will be available for check out, and they are in stock at MC Arts on Washington Avenue in Waco.) 

For the Afternoon Workshop: $20 workshop fee payable with check, cash, or PayPal; non-members $35; deadline March 4, 2022, to register.

Afternoon Additional Supplies: bone folder, carving material (Amy will have some 4”x6” carving blocks for purchase at $2 per block. If you would like to bring your own carving material, she likes the Speedball pink blocks or the Speedball Easy Carve.  The brand she is bringing in bulk is Tosnail which I found on Amazon VERY affordably. 

During our afternoon together, we will build on our skills from the program.  You will then learn to transfer, carve, edit, and stamp your creations. We will cover carving images such as animals or botanicals as well as carving words and phrases.  Then we will explore how to create a “mix and match” stamp set and how to create a stamp with 2 different colors. You will learn several methods to design stamps of increasing complexity.  ​Of course, we’ll cover how to fix small oopsies that happen when carving and how to store your stamps.   Finally, Amy will give you some ideas of ways to use your stamps and some places to look for inspiration.  We can’t wait to see what you create!

Online Registration Form for Stamp Carving with Amy           
Please register no later than: Friday, March 4st!

TO REGISTER:  Use the following Google link. No paper copy needed!

Pay via PayPal at this link.   Select SEND, log into your account, enter the amount ($20 or $35) and add “stamp carving workshop”, then complete the transaction. 

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