Wednesday, September 29, 2021

October meeting details:

Saturday, October 9, 2021; 10 am

In-person (masked); Zoom on request
St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Waco, Texas

Asemic Writing 

Isaac Montgomery, a Baylor student who joined WCG last year, will present the October program on asemic writing, and introduce asemic poetry. Asemic writing is marks with no “semantics” or words, and a form of mark-making used by contemporary calligraphers. “It looks like writing, but we can't quite read it.” Isaac will describe his 100-page thesis on understanding and critiquing asemic writing.

If a member wishes to attend via Zoom, please contact Suzi Ickles by Thursday, the 7th for the Zoom link.

Supplies to bring:

§     A dip pen with ink that flows well, or a cartridge pen, or a Micron Pigma (any ink pen that flows well on paper) 

§   unlined paper for writing

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