Friday, January 1, 2021

 Next meeting:
Saturday, January 9, 2021
10 am via Zoom

January Program:  Transferring Letters

For January program, Suzi Ickles will lead us through the process of how to transfer letters, or even artwork, to another surface. You will need a sheet of preprinted letters as a source to trace. You may go to Pinterest (samples are on Suzi’s Pinterest board: Lettering how-to), Google, or even a book to find your own; print it out on a full sheet of paper. We will work on spacing and lining up the letters. Remember that tracing is a good way to learn to draw your own freehand letters, too!  And then there will be some ideas of how to finish them on the final sheet. Plus, Cindy Boney will give us a tour of her studio and storage solutions.


·     your sheet of printed letters

·     paper or an envelope

·     tracing paper

·     #2 pencil and eraser

·     ruler

·     fine tip color marker

·     stylus

·     whatever coloring supplies you wish!

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